Commonly asked Questions - Mobiles

Q: What packaging do Djeco's mobiles arrive in?

A: They arrive either flat packaged, in a heavy card envelope, or in a box (3cm deep). Each product listed in the online store has the packaging format noted.

The following picture shows the outer packaging of, from left to right: Cat Antics (box packaging), Marine (box packaging), and The African Savannah (flat packaging).

Q: How does the newest Djeco range of Nursery Mobiles come packaged?

A: These come in a ready-to-send padded envelope, complete with a postcard to use as a card. One stop shopping at its best. These mobiles are also great as they stick on the wall, not the ceiling. This makes it easier to hang, especially if you wont want to spend time sticking mobiles to the ceiling!

The following pictures show what's included in The Woods Nursery Mobile. Postcard, Mobile, instructions and padded envelope - ready to send!

Q: Do the Djeco mobiles require any assembly?

A: Yes, basic assembly by an adult is required. Simply follow the directions included with the mobile to assemble. Assembly simply requires slotting the mobile arms together - easy!


Q: Where are Djeco's mobiles made?

A: Djeco mobiles are designed in France, made in China.


Q: What are the mobiles made of?

A: The mobiles are made of wire and PVC printed card construction. They are lightweight, and sway in the slightest of breezes. If added materials are used, these are listed on each individual mobile page.


Q: What's the best thing about Djeco mobiles?

A: They are truely 3D! By that, we mean that they have parts that spin within other parts of the mobile. It makes for an eye-catching mobile - sure to impress all, children and adults alike.


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