Commonly asked Questions - Reusable Wall Stickers

Q: Why use wall stickers?

A: Wall stickers are a quick, easy way and affordable way to add a theme to, or brighten up, your child's room.

A: Great for renters! Your child can be involved in the decorating, making it feel more like "their room".


Q: In what packaging do the reusable wall art stickers arrive?

A: The stickers will arrive either flat, or in a tube, depending on the size of the sticker chosen. Each product in the online store has the packaging method listed.

The following picture shows the different types of packaging for the sticker sets, from left to right: The Poem Tree Reusable Wall Art Stickers in tube packaging, Friends of the Amazon Height Chart in large sized flat packaging and Princess Marguerite Reusable Wall Stickers in small sized flat packaging.

Q: How many stickers are in each reusable wall art sticker set?

A: Each wall sticker set has a number of individual stickers (each product in the online store has the number of pieces listed). These can be arranged to replicate Djeco's design, or you can arrange them in a configuration to suit your room. Each wall sticker comes on a backing card, and is easily peeled off.


Q: Are they easy to apply?

A: Yes! They are extremely easy to apply. Make sure your surface is clean and dry. Simply peel off the backing card, and place on the desired location. Apply as per Djeco's suggestion, or make your own design to match your mood!


Q: Do you have instructions for applying the wall stickers?

A: Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Make sure the surface on which you are going to place the stickers is clean and dry.
  2. Carefully remove the sticker from its backing.
  3. Position the sticker as desired, then press and smooth down gently.
  4. Any questions or comments? Just contact us and we will get back to you quickly.


Q: Can the stickers adhere to any surface?

A: Yes! Please keep in mind that the smoother the surface, the better the stick. Stickers can be applied to any surface, including walls, windows, ceilings, furniture, glass and mirrors. The surface must be clean. We put the Poem Tree on a stucco surface, and while it didn't stick as well as on a flat, painted surface, it did stick there for over a year before we moved it elsewhere.


Q: I've just painted my baby's room. How long should I wait before applying my Djeco wall stickers?

A: Ideally, please wait at least 2 weeks before applying your Djeco wall stickers.


Q: Where are Djeco's wall stickers made?

A: All Djeco wall stickers are made in either the U.K. or Italy. They are designed in France, where the company is located.


Q: Does it matter if I apply the stickers where my child can reach them?

A: We all know children are inquisitive. Given enough time (and persistence), a child may peel a wall sticker from the wall. Since the stickers are not a toy they must not be used in places where children under the age of 3 can remove them.


Q: If I move house, can I take the stickers with me and apply at another location?

A: Yes! All Djeco wall stickers are reusable, and can be used over and over again. I've moved the Poem Tree 5 times now, and it still sticks as well as it did the first time I used it. If you have not saved the original packaging, you can pick up corflute or similar at a stationery shop. Just peel the wall stickers off the wall and apply to the corflute until you are ready to adhere the wall sticker elsewhere. NOTE: Don't leave the wall sticker on the corflute for more than a few weeks as it does start to adhere to the corflute and you may lose some stickiness off the wall sticker if stuck on the corflute for too long.


Q: How do I remove the stickers?

A: Simply peel off and store. You can use the stickers again!

FYI - although this product has proved to come off without damaging walls, we cannot guarantee perfect condition of your surfaces once the Djeco product is removed. Though I have never seen them damage surfaces, care must be taken when removing the stickers to make sure no marking occurs.


Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us with your question and we will reply directly to you.

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